Thursday, 21 December 2006

Feeding the Family

Feeding my family decent home cooked food isn't actually that easy. Twirly Boy (8) is happiest when being fed McDonald's (yuck) or pizza. And don't even mention the words spicey or curry! The Princess of Power (2 and a half) is actually quite a bit more adventurous in her tastes, though will happily devour something one week and refuse to even taste it the next.
In theory, Mac Man is easier to please. But he doesn't like fish (issues with being forced to eat it as a child), and really likes hot and spicey!

As it's rather difficult to cook food that everyone will eat (and hopefully like), I find I get in a rut. Jamie's Dinners is a bit of a bible to me, but even that can get a bit samey. So I'm aiming to cook at least one new dish each week.

I love to bake too. I much prefer to offer my kids a home-made cake or biscuit rather than sweeties. And it doubles as a great fun activity we do together.

I hope you enjoy following me in my efforts to Feed the Family.

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