Friday, 26 January 2007

Delia's Spinach and ricotta lasagne with pine nuts

I found this recipe during my search for recipes using spinach (or silver beet). We have an unexplained abundance of silver beet - unexplained as I've never actually so much as watered our veggie patch! MacMan really isn't that keen on spinach, and even less so silver beet - declaring it as tasting like grass. This recipe caught my eye as Dame Delia declares this to be "an absolute hit with everyone who eats it – even my husband, who professes not to like spinach!"

The recipe was quite faffy - although to be honest I do find Delia's instructions can be quite faffy on the whole anyway. I substituted the recommended blue cheese for feta, as I wasn't sure if Twirly Boy and the Princess of Power would take kindly to blue cheese. Otherwise I followed the recipe as Dame Delia recommends. And Dame Delia is indeed right about it being a hit even for those who don't like spinach. MacMan even asked for it to be cooked again - result!

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August Girl said...

I've made that once before it was fab but huge!! I was eating it for 3 days as Mr AG claims to be allergic to cheese. It is lovely though I agree the instructions are faffy!