Monday, 19 February 2007

Jamie Oliver's salsicce con lenticche verdi e salsa di pomodoro

Phew. Sorry to any blog watchers that I've not updated recently. Twirly Boy went back to school on 7th February after the loooong summer holidays, and the Princess of Power back to playcentre. The start of the new school year has also seen the start of various activities for both the kids. It's been a fun couple of weeks getting into our routine again, but I haven't had much chance to blog. The Family haven't starved though, honest Guv! I've been cooking and baking as ever, I just haven't had chance to write about it.

This recipe is from Jamie O's Italy. I first bought it when it was newly out. To be honest, I've not given the book a really good try out, as at the time we hadn't eaten meat for about ten years, and a lot of the recipes are meaty. Now that we're back in the land of the meat-eaters, I have promised myself that I'll give the book a good test run in the next few weeks. I've wanted to go to Italy ever since I swooned at the period drama 'Room with a view'. Sadly I've not made it to Italy - and now I live so far away I'm thinking it may be some time before I get to visit the culinary mecca. For now I'll have to make do with occasional dips into this lovely book.

Salsicce con lenticche verdi e salsa di pomodoro
Or sausages and green lentils with tomato salsa

The recipe calls for Italian sausages, or good fat Cumberlands. It's bit of a running joke amoungst British ex-pats that it's impossible to find a decent sausage in NZ, so I'm afraid Cumberland were out of the question, but 'London Pride' variety did perfectly well.
This was really delicious, and quite unlike anything in my existing 'repetoire'. MacMan and Twirly Boy both cleaned their plates. The Princess of Power, however, told me that 'No like it, mummy'. As she had refused to actually try any, I'm not quite sure how she knew this. But two out of three ain't bad.


Noo Noo said...

phew! glad to have you back - I was begining to lack inspiration and in your absence have resorted to Olive magazine instead of 'One bite of the Cherry' for my menu's this week! ;)

Cherrypie said...

PMSL! I will do my upmost to keep normal service from now on!!
(Thai Fish cakes tonight btw).